Arabica Kreuzberg


Our espresso tour starts at 'new kid on the block' Arabica! The specialty coffee shop & roastery from Japan is not only known for their great design and interior, but also for their stunning white Slayer.


At Arabica we will get some behind the scenes about making espresso with a Slayer and try-taste their Blend as well as their single origin espressos.


To get you started for this caffeinated tour, you'll get to try one of their sweet treats as well.



Nano Kaffee


This specialty coffee shop is one of the many independent shops in town. Owner Ramin and his team are very much into the sensory aspect behind coffee.


They're offering not only coffee from micro roasteries from across Germany, but also their own coffees.


At Nano Kaffee we'll get to try espressos that had been processed in different ways such as washed and natural and learn what impact these have on the aroma & flavor of your beverage.

Companion Coffee


This specialty coffee shop inside VOO Concept Store is well known for their coffee AND tea. But for our espresso tour we'll get to learn about their approach as a multi roaster cafe sourcing coffees from all over Europe.


We get some very rare behind the scenes from Chris & his team, what it means to dial in a new espresso each and every time a new coffee is coming in.


With more than five years of experience as specialty coffee shop owners, they have a lot to share about trends across the continent, too.