Kaffeekirsche Roastery


We start our filter tour at Kaffeekirsche Roastery. While munching on some house made Bircher muesli you'll learn about the differences between espresso & filter brewing. 


Since Kaffeekirsche is one of the best coffee shops to try different filter brewing methods, you'll definitely get the chance to not only drink, but also brew their in-house roasted coffees with such interesting filter gear as Kalita Wave or Bayreuther Kanne.

Refinery Specialty Coffee Store


The second stop on our filter tour is Refinery Specialty Coffee Store.


This multi roaster specialty coffee shop is a retail store in the first place, but you can also drink their coffees at the coffee bar as well. During the tour you're able to try-taste some of these coffees of leading roasters.


At Refinery you'll also take part in a private cupping and explore the aroma and flavor profile of the coffees together with their master of coffee assistance. 


Bonanza Coffee Roasters


The third and final stop on our filter tour will be at Bonanza Coffee Roasters, one of the trailblazers of specialty coffee in Berlin.


Bonanza is a well-known coffee roastery not only in Berlin, but also in the rest of the specialty coffee world. They always serve three filter coffees at a time thanks to their batch brewer.


Here we get to try different filter coffees from countries such as Ethiopia or Kenya roasted at their in-house roastery and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of batch brewing.